Income Tax Notice: If Income Tax Notice arrives, do not panic, we are telling you the right way to answer

You must have filed income tax return. But if you have made any mistake in filling it or have not given any information, then the government can send you a notice for this. We are giving you information about what to do if the notice comes.

Many times mistakes are made in filing Income Tax Return. People make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. If this happens, the Income Tax Department can send you a notice. This notice should not be ignored. It should be seen carefully what the notice has been sent for. Then the correct answer should be filled in.

 But trying to hide something even after getting the notice can cost you dearly. The department sends the notice only if you have not given any information. Now whether someone has done this due to negligence or due to some other reason, the answer will have to be given when the notice is received. This cannot be avoided.

To do this work without
panic, first login to After this, you can see different types of notices on your account dashboard. Different types of notices are also responded to differently.

131 (1A)
When the assessing IT officer finds that the taxpayer has suppressed any income, he sends an income tax notice 131 (1A).

: If you are not able to submit all the documents demanded by the Income Tax Department, then send all the documents you have before the deadline. After this, some time may be asked for sending the rest of the documents by giving an application.

139 (9)
If you have filed an incorrect return, then the Income Tax Department sends this notice. You can also get this notice for filling wrong IT form, giving wrong income details.

Reply Reply
it within 15 days. Proceed by clicking on e-File in response to Notice u/s 139(9) at the bottom of the e-file tab.

143 (1)
If you have given wrong information while filing income tax or have filed return by calculating tax incorrectly, then the IT department sends a demand notice for additional tax.

You must reply
to this within 30 days. You can reply by going to e-proceeding.

This notice is sent for reassessment if any part of the income has been missed in the assessment. Under this, the IT department can also send a notice for reassessment in the return of 6 years old.

: Mention the income for which this notice has come, in the income tax return. If you do not agree with the notice, you can ask the IT department the reason for sending the notice.

For recovery of outstanding tax, interest, fine or penalty, the Income Tax Department sends a tax notice under 156.

Pay the dues within 30 days of receipt of reply notice. Go to e-File and pay tax by clicking on Respond to Outstanding Demand.