Income Tax Refund: Big news for taxpayers, Income Tax Department said that refund will not come in such bank accounts.


Account Validation Status: Tax payers are eagerly waiting for their refund. The deadline for filing income tax returns for the financial year 2022-2023 was July 31.

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Crores of taxpayers across the country have filed ITR on time this time. But despite this, if your income tax refund has not been received yet, then you need to cross check some information related to you. In the information given by CBDT, it was said that this time till September 5, about 7 crore people have filed ITR.

Notification issued on twitter

In the notification issued by the Income Tax Department on Tuesday evening regarding tax refund, it was said that the bank accounts in which tax refund is being deposited. Those accounts are valid and verified. The Income Tax Department has issued a notification in this regard through its official Twitter account @IncomeTaxIndia. The department was asked to ensure that the bank accounts in which the tax refund is to be deposited are valid and verified.

Why is account verification necessary?

In the process of income tax refund, the refund amount is directly deposited in the bank account of the taxpayer. Validate the bank account information on the Taxpayer e-filing portal to streamline the process and avoid any errors.

How to Verify Bank Account

Taxpayers can follow these steps to validate or update their bank account details:
– First of all visit the official website of Income Tax Department .
– After this log in to your e-filing profile.
Now go to the Profile section and select ‘My Bank Account’.
– Re-verify or add bank account details as required.

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