investment returns: 1 lakh rupees, 7 months investment, profit more than 12 lakhs, this stock changed the fortunes of investors


It is very difficult to find such shares in the stock market which can give you more profits in less time. Rathi Steel’s share meets this criterion. This stock has made its investors rich in 6 months.

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New Delhi. After investing money in the stock market, everyone wants to get strong returns as soon as possible. But there are very few whose dream is fulfilled. It is very difficult to find such stocks whose returns have exploded in a short period of time. Rathi Steel and Power Limited is one such stock.

Those who would have invested Rs 1 lakh in it 6 months ago, today their investment would have become more than Rs 13 lakh. Rathi Steels has given returns of more than 1250 percent to its investors in the last 6 months.

Its shares are in upper circuit even on Monday. This share was worth Rs 3.3 on July 3 last year. On January 29, this share has reached Rs 45.32. This is an increase of 1373 percent in the price of this share since then. Now if someone had invested Rs 1 lakh in this share in July, he would have got 30,303 shares. Today the price of those shares has increased from Rs 45.32 to more than Rs 13.73 lakh.

Good returns even in 1 month

Leave aside 6 months, in just 1 month this stock has given returns of more than 45 percent to its investors. Shares of Rathi Steels are currently at their 52-week high. There is an increase of about 2 percent in this stock on Monday and till the time of writing the news, sales in it have stopped. However, there has been no decline in the shares of Rathi Steel this entire month, which also signals investors to remain cautious.

About the company

According to the information available on Grow, Rathi Steel was established in 1971. 51 percent shares of the company are held by its promoters. The company has 40 percent shares in the retail market. The market cap of the company is more than Rs 139 crore. Rathi Steel had released its last quarterly results in September 2023.

Then the company’s revenue had declined by Rs 21 crore to Rs 128 crore as compared to the June quarter. Talking about profit, the company had made a profit of Rs 82 lakh in the September 23 quarter. Whereas the company’s profit in the June quarter was Rs 2 crore. Before that, the company had made a profit of Rs 80 crore in the March quarter.

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