LIC great Plan for women, they can save Rs 87 and collect Rs 11 lakh, check details


LIC Aadhaar Shila Plan: Keeping in mind the different income groups in the country, LIC is running many great schemes. People get guaranteed returns by investing in these schemes of LIC.

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They do not have to face the dangers of market risks. For this reason, instead of investing in any other schemes, people prefer to invest in LIC schemes. In this series, today we are going to tell you about a very wonderful scheme of LIC, which is being run especially for women. The name of this scheme of LIC is Aadhar Shila Yojana. This is a non-linked personal life insurance scheme of LIC. By investing in this scheme of LIC, you can get fixed returns at the time of maturity.

If you also want to save Rs 87 in LIC’s Aadhar Shila scheme and collect Rs 11 lakh. In this series, let us understand this mathematics of investment thoroughly – If you save Rs 87 daily and invest Rs 31,755 in this scheme annually. In such a situation, the amount deposited by you in ten years will be Rs 3,17,550.

When the policy holder attains the age of 70 years. In this case, he will get a total of Rs 11 lakh. If you invest in LIC’s Aadharshila plan, then you get many great benefits in it. In this scheme, if the policyholder dies untimely. In such a situation, payment is made to the nominee. Loan benefit is also available in LIC’s Aadharshila scheme. Women aged 8 to 55 years can invest in this scheme of LIC.

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