LPG Price Cuts! Govt Oil companies cut the prices of gas cylinders, new rate applicable from today


Gas Cylinder Price Down: After Diwali, relief news has come. Gas cylinder rates have reduced from today. Government oil companies have reduced the prices of gas cylinders.

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Let us tell you that the new prices have come into effect from today. Apart from this, if we talk about the prices of domestic gas cylinders, there has been no change in them. The rates of 14 kg cylinder remain the same.

According to the information received from the government oil company IOCL, gas cylinders have become cheaper from today i.e. October 16. This time oil companies have reduced the prices of commercial cylinders. The price of 19 kg commercial LPG cylinder has become cheaper by Rs 57.50.

After today’s cut, the price of 19 kg cylinder in Delhi has become Rs 1755.50. Apart from this, it is Rs 1885.50 in Kolkata, Rs 1728 in Mumbai and Rs 1942 per cylinder in Chennai. Let us tell you that just before Diwali i.e. on 1st, the rates of commercial cylinders were increased by Rs 101.50. At the same time, the prices of domestic gas cylinders remain the same.

Government cut Rs 200 on August 30

Let us tell you that the prices of domestic gas cylinders were changed on August 30. At that time, the price of gas cylinder was reduced by Rs 200 by the government. At the same time, a deduction of Rs 400 was announced for the beneficiaries of Ujjwala scheme.

What are the rates of 14 kg cylinder?

For general consumers, 14.2 kg LPG Cylinder is available for Rs 903 in Delhi, Rs 929 in Kolkata, Rs 902.50 in Mumbai and Rs 918.50 in Chennai.

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