New Vande Bharat Fare list: The complete list of fares of new Vande Bharat has arrived, the train will run on this route from September 30!


New Vande Bharat Fare list: If you too often travel by train, then this news is of your use. Preparations are underway to launch the upgraded version of the semi-high speed train Vande Bharat ‘Vande Bharat 2’ from the Railways on 30 September. The new Vande Bharat 2 is an upgrade from the existing Vande Bharat in many respects.

This train is expected to be flagged off from Ahmedabad for Mumbai on 30 September. However, no official statement has been given by the Railways regarding this. People are curious to know the fare of the new Vande Bharat There is a lot of curiosity among the people about the passenger fare.

It is being claimed in the media report that for the executive class in the Vande Bharat Express running between Mumbai and Ahmedabad, passengers will have to pay a base fare of Rs 2,349. At the same time, the base fare for the chair car is being told as Rs 1,144. This does not include GST. The new Vande Bharat will stop at two stations between Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

This will reduce the travel time between two financial cities of the country. In the fare finalized by the Railways, Vande Bharat passengers will have to pay 1.4 times the basic fare of Shatabdi Express trains. The base fare from Ahmedabad to Surat will be Rs 1,312. For Vande Bharat Executive Class, the base fare from Ahmedabad to Surat will be Rs 1,312 and for chair car it will be Rs 634.

In the executive class, the base fare from Surat to Mumbai will be Rs 1,522 and chair car will be Rs 739. The new Vande Bharat designed by ICF Chennai can be run at a maximum speed of 180 kmph. But at present the railway track does not support the speed of more than 130 kmph. Presently Vande Bharat Express runs on two routes in the country.

In this, the first route is from New Delhi to Katra and the second from New Delhi to Varanasi. The new Vande Bharat trains will come with less weight and will play Wi-Fi content on 32-inch LCD TVs on demand. The train will also be equipped with Catalytic Ultra Violet Air Purification System.