Night Sleeping Rule in Train: Indian Railway has issued these new rules regarding sleeping in the train, know otherwise…


Indian Railways Night Sleeping Rule in Train: You must have traveled often in trains. In them you must have seen many people creating ruckus or listening to songs or talking on mobile for a long time.

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Many people keep the lights on for a long time, due to which other passengers are in trouble. Do you know that doing all this in the train is a legal offense and if found doing so, can be jailed along with the fine. Today we give you information about 4 rules related to sleeping in the train, knowing which you too will be able to teach a lesson to such people. These rules are as follows:-

Night Sleeping Rule in Train of Indian Railways

According to the Indian Railways, during the journey in the train, after 10 pm, no passenger can talk loudly in the train. If a person is found doing this, action can be taken against him.

After boarding the train, no person can speak loudly while sitting in his compartment or seat. On receiving its complaint, the guilty may be fined.

Even after 10 pm, the passenger cannot keep the lights of his coach on. Keeping in mind the convenience of the rest of the passengers, he must turn off the light (Night Sleeping Rule in Train) in any case.

If a passenger starts traveling after midnight in a train, then his ticket cannot be checked. Passengers’ tickets can be checked only after 6 am. During this no one can disturb their sleep.

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