Old Pension: Old pension scheme implemented by government employees, now you will get these big benefits!


Old Pension News: Various discussions are going on across the country regarding the old pension scheme. Meanwhile, many states have implemented this system. At the same time, the new pension scheme is still applicable in many states.

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Old Pension Scheme (c big news is coming out. Please tell that now 1.36 lakh employees will also get the benefit of the old pension scheme. Along with the central government, the state government is implementing pension schemes at its level.

The old pension scheme has come into force Tell that after the implementation of the old pension scheme in many states, the government employees living in Himachal Pradesh will now get the benefit of the old pension scheme. After hearing this news, a wave of happiness has run among the employees. Giving information, the Chief Secretary of the state has told that instructions have been given to implement the decision of the Finance Department.

Restored old pension scheme

According to the information received from the state government, about 1.36 lakh employees will be benefited by this decision. Terms, conditions and SOP have been issued by the Finance Department. The Congress government has approved the restoration of the old pension scheme as per the election promise.

The government is making this plan for women, along with this, a plan is being made to give Rs 1500 per month to women from 18 years to 60 years. Along with this, one lakh jobs will be created in a month to increase employment. Along with this, the employees coming in government service from January 1, 2004 come under the New Pension Scheme.

These 4 states have implemented Let us tell you that earlier Chhattisgarh Government, Rajasthan Government, Punjab Government have implemented the old pension system. Along with this, Himachal government has also implemented this system.

What are the advantages of old pension scheme?

Talking about the benefits of the old pension scheme, its biggest advantage is that it is made on the basis of the last drawn salary. Apart from this, as the inflation rate increases, DA also increases. Even when the government implements the new pay commission, it increases the pension.

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