PACL Chit Fund Refund: Big Update! If your money is stuck in Pearls then money will come in your account on this day, this information came to the fore


PACL Chit Fund Refund Update: If your or anyone you know’s money is stuck in PACL India Ltd / Pearls, then there is an important update for you. Those who put money in PACL (PACL Refund) can soon get their money in their account. SEBI has informed that they have started returning investors’ money. 

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Giving information about those
with more defects, SEBI has informed that the refund has been started from our side, but there are some claims which have more than one defect, so such claims have not been paid. Is. If you also have such a case, then there may be a delay in getting your money. 

The committee has been formed, let us tell you that a meeting has been held under the chairmanship of retired judge RM Lodha, in which it has been told that a committee has been formed to return the money of PACL. It is only through this that investors’ money is being returned.

Flaws can be rectified online

According to information received from SEBI, refund money has been issued to the eligible applicants of those who had claimed Rs 15,000. At the same time, only the money of the investors who had some mistakes in the form is stuck. So you can correct such mistakes online sitting at home.

Refunds are being received from the year 2020. The process of returning their money to PACL investors has been done from January 2020, under which claims of up to Rs 5000 could be made. After this, in the middle of January 2021, investors were asked to apply to claim up to Rs 10,000. At the same time, in April 2022, SEBI has sought applications from investors for refund ranging from Rs 10,001 to Rs 15,000.

Correct the defects by January 2023

Let us tell you that at this time you can claim a refund of up to Rs 15,000. In this, time has been given till January 2023 to remove the flaws found in the application, that is, if you still have 2 months, then you can apply for it.

How to correct mistakes

You have to first go to to correct the mistakes made in the application. After this, you can remove any mistake made in your form. You have time till January 31, 2023. This window is open only till January. After this you will not be able to correct the mistake.

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