Petrol Diesel Prices: New rates of petrol and diesel released, prices changed in many districts, check the price of your city


Government oil companies have released the retail prices of petrol and diesel on Friday morning amidst the ongoing fluctuations in crude prices in the global market. Today there is a change in oil prices in many states. However, there has been no change in the retail price of oil even today in the four metropolitan cities of the country like Chennai, Kolkata.

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According to government oil companies, today petrol became costlier by 53 paise in Bihar’s capital Patna and reached Rs 108.12 a litre. Diesel has also increased by 50 paise and is being sold at Rs 94.86 a litre. In Gurugram, the capital of Haryana, today petrol has become costlier by 34 paise and has reached Rs 96.84 a litre, while diesel is being sold 33 paise costlier at Rs 89.72 a litre.

Talking about crude oil, there has been a slight change in its prices in the last 24 hours. The price of Brent crude has fallen slightly and is running at $75.46 per barrel. The rate of WTI has also fallen in the global market to $ 69.45 per barrel.

Petrol-diesel prices in all four metros

  1. Petrol Rs 96.65 and Diesel Rs 89.82 per liter in Delhi
  2.  Petrol Rs 106.31 and Diesel Rs 94.27 per liter in Mumbai
  3.  Petrol Rs 102.63 and Diesel Rs 94.24 per liter in Chennai
  4.  Petrol Rs 106.03 in Kolkata and diesel Rs 92.76 per liter

Rates changed in these cities

  1. – Petrol in Gurugram has become Rs 96.84 and diesel Rs 89.72 per litre.
  2.  Petrol in Patna has become Rs 108.12 and diesel Rs 94.86 per liter.

New rates are released every morning at 6 am

Every day at 6 am, there is a change in the prices of petrol and diesel. The new rates are applicable from 6 am onwards. After adding excise duty, dealer commission, VAT and other things to the price of petrol and diesel, its price almost doubles from the original price. This is the reason why the prices of petrol and diesel appear so high.

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