Property Registration ; Big News! If this work is not done after registration of property, you will not get ownership rights.


property registration – When you buy new land or house, you get the property registered. Because without registry, no property can be transferred to the name of another person.

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Most of the people lack the knowledge of rights and legal rules related to property due to which they think that they will get the ownership rights as soon as the property is registered. But this does not happen. Even after registration, some documents (Property Documents) have to be taken. Let us know in the news below-

Whenever you buy a house or property, you definitely get it registered. Do you know that even after property registration, you do not get complete ownership rights. You must have heard many times about such cases in which a land is sold to several people. There are some cases in which a huge loan is already taken on a land.

When the person in whose name the property is registered has to pay this loan. This makes it clear that even after property registration, you still have to take important documents.

What is Property Mutation?

Every state has records related to land or property agreements. In this record, details about the ownership of the land are given. Along with this, this document helps in protecting the common man’s property investment. Due to land records, cases of property related fraud are reduced.

Whenever you buy something, you have to register all its information in the revenue records. Through property mutation, the problem of property tax liability is also eliminated to some extent. Its name is different in every state. For example, in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar it is called Dakhil-Kharij.

Check property mutation once

Most people consider sale deed and registration to be the same. Whereas these two are different documents. Let us tell you that even if you have got property registration done, you do not get complete ownership rights on your land.

Before buying land, you should also check whose name the property was in and whether there is any loan in their name. If you do not check it and there is a loan on the land then you will have to pay that loan after property registration.

How to transfer property

There are three types of real estate in the country. It consists of agricultural land, industrial land and habitable land. You can transfer these types of lands. If you want to transfer agricultural land, you will have to go to the Patwari of that area. At the same time, transfer of industrial land is done through the Industrial Development Centre.

Whereas when you buy land to live in a house, you will have to go to the Municipality, Municipal Corporation, or Gram Panchayat of your area. The land is transferred only through them. Whenever you buy a property, you should get all the documents related to it transferred. After this you will get complete ownership rights on the land.

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