SBI WeCare FD: SBI has extended the investment deadline on its special FD


SBI Bank WeCare FD Scheme : The country’s largest public sector bank State Bank of India (SBI) has given a gift to its senior citizen customers. SBI has extended the deadline for investing in its WeCare FD.

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WeCare FD is a 5 to 10 year FD on which higher interest is being offered. 7.50 percent interest is being offered on SBI’s WeCare FD. This interest rate will be given on both new and renewable FDs. Investments can be made in this special scheme of SBI till 31 March 2024.

SBI WeCare Scheme

Senior citizens do not want to take too much risk for investment. If you are also planning to invest in FD for a long time, then SBI WeCare Scheme can be useful for you. Customers can invest in this special FD scheme of State Bank of India (SBI) till 31 March 2024. This scheme of SBI is giving extra interest of 0.50 percent to senior citizens. By making minimum investment in this FD scheme, you can get higher returns in 5 years and 10 years. This FD of SBI is getting interest at the rate of 7.50 percent.

SBI is giving so much interest on regular FD

SBI’s regular FD interest rates range between 3.50% and 7.50% for periods ranging from 7 days to 10 years. According to the rules of Income Tax, TDS is deducted in it. Investors can submit Form 15H/15G for exemption from tax deduction as per IT rules. SBI WeCare Special FD Scheme was started as an option for senior citizens to keep their money safe during the Covid times. This FD scheme is the FD scheme that gives the highest interest to the people.

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