Uber Ride Book: Now you will be able to book Uber ride through Whatsapp, facility will be available in English as well as Hindi

Uber Booking New Feature : Uber company has made many changes in the application to attract customers. Uber has launched a new feature on WhatsApp so that customers can easily book cabs. For those who used to have difficulty in booking cabs in English, the company has made many changes.

New feature for Hindi people

Many people find it difficult to book in English. Because of which people do not get into the hassle of booking a cab. That’s why the company has launched a new feature for Hindi people. With this, users will be able to book cabs easily. The company will also benefit a lot from this, because there are many people who want to book cabs, but due to being in English, they are unable to book. Now if everything is in Hindi, then the users using Uber will increase, due to which the revenue of the company will also increase.

Booking will be done through Whatsapp

Many people do not like to have a lot of apps in mobile. For this also Uber has found a solution. Now you will not even need to download the Uber app to book a cab. You will be able to book a ride by chatting with Whatsapp itself. Uber says that the use of WA2R feature ie WhatsApp to Ride will increase in the future. A new feature has been brought to book a cab, in which you will be able to book a cab by chatting in Hindi.

use like this

Uber provides many options to its users to book cabs. The first option is to message Uber’s business number. Another option is to scan the QR code and book the ride. Apart from this, the third option to book Uber is to message this number 72920 00002 from your WhatsApp. In the message, you can write hi or whatever you want to write your name. After this, OTP will be sent on the mobile to verify your number. After entering the OTP, you will have to fill the information about where you want to go. After this you will be asked about the type of car, then you will be told the payment. After this your ride will be booked.