Fixed Deposit Interest: Are you also investing in FD, keep these things in mind, this is the right way

FD Personal Finance Investment: Reserve Bank of India has increased the repo rate by 0.90 percent twice in the last months. After which banks have increased the interest rates on fixed deposits. As a result, interest rates have increased. Now the biggest question in front of investors is whether this is the right time to invest in FD. You can understand in this news.

Invest it?
You can invest in Small Savings Schemes, FDs, Target Maturity Funds, Fixed Maturity Plans, Debt Funds.

This is the interest rate on investment

Scheme Interest Rate
FD 5.5%
Debt Fund 5.25%-5.45%
PPF 7.1%
SSY 7.6%
KVP 6.9%
SCSS 7.4%

small savings scheme

  • better interest rate than bank deposit
  • Benefits under section 80C
  • Tax exemption on investment up to ₹1.5 lakh
  • Long lock-in period, low liquidity
  • SSY for girls up to 10 years
  • SSY- Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana
  • SCSS – For citizens above 60 years
  • SCSS-Senior Citizen Saving Scheme
  • EEE benefit in PPF, SSY