UPI Payment charged: Big news ! Finance Ministry gave this statement, Payment through UPI will be charged!


UPI Payment charged: Often you will be making online payment from UPI (UPI Digital Payment). Must be transferring money through Paytm, Google Pay or any other similar medium.

It’s free so far, but is there a plan to charge for payment now? Is the government and RBI making such preparations? This news is in headlines after a review paper of RBI (Reserve Bank of India) came to the fore. A lot of reactions are also coming on this. Many people were also surprised that this is one more difficult thing for the common man. At the same time, the central government has now clarified the situation regarding this.

The Union Finance Ministry said that there is no plan from the Central Government to levy charges on payments through UPI. Whoever is providing the service of UPI will have to consider some other way to recover their cost. The Finance Ministry said that payment through UPI is very convenient for the people. The economy benefits from digital payments. That’s why the government is not making any such preparation.

There was talk of charge in RBI’s review paper-

Let us tell you that this news caught a lot of momentum then released a review paper on Payment System Charges. It is being told that this review paper was issued by the Reserve Bank. According to reports, it said whether a special charge Merchant Discount Rate should be levied on online payments? How to implement it.

Suggestions were sought that the same type of charge should be levied on every online payment or the fee should be charged according to the amount of money transferred. A similar thing was also said about debit card transactions. It is believed from the review paper of RBI that the preparation to levy charge on online payments is going on in a big way and seriously. At the same time, at present the government has refused any such plan and preparation.