Vande Bharat Express: Asia’s first female train driver ran Vande Bharat Express

Vande Bharat Express: Many trains of indigenous semi high speed Vande Bharat Express have been started. It is being run on many routes of the country. It is being operated on three routes from Mumbai.

The government’s plan is to run Vande Bharat trains across the country. Now Asia’s first woman loco pilot has got the opportunity to drive one of these Vande Bharat trains.

Asia’s first woman locomotive pilot is Surekha Yadav. He has now got the opportunity to run the Vande Bharat Express on the Mumbai-Pune-Solapur route. Surekha Yadav, who served in the railways for 34 years, had expressed her desire to run the Vande Bharat Express in 2021 on the occasion of Women’s Day in a conversation with TOI.

Vande Bharat Express reached on time

Surekha Yadav told Indian Railways that I am thankful that I have got the opportunity to run Vande Bharat Express. The Vande Bharat Express run by Yadav left Sonapur on time and reached CSMT 5 minutes before. However, before running, Asia’s first woman loco pilot took complete information. Then proceeded to run the train.

Who is Surekha Yadav

Surekha Yadav, a resident of Satara, started her career as an assistant driver during 1989. Got a chance to drive goods train in 1996. After this he operated many trains. It was informed by the Railways that they are currently on a mission to empower women employees.

1,500 women loco pilots in the country

In 2017, the Matunga station of the Central Railway became the first station to be managed exclusively by women staff. A few months later, Western Railway presented the idea of ​​Matunga Road station. Railway officials said that there are around 1,500 women locomotive pilots in the country.