Vehicle Speed Limit on Highways: Big News ! Don’t worry about the challan if the speed limit of 100km/h is exceeded, now you can drive so much! Gadkari made it clear

New Delhi: Opinion has been shared regarding increasing the speed limit of trains in the annual meeting of Transport Development Council. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is asking the state governments to revisit the speed limit restrictions in urban and semi-urban parts to provide smooth traffic movement.

The 41st Transport Development Council (TDC) meeting was held in Bengaluru last month where the Director (MVL), MoRTH made a brief presentation on the status of implementation of the Motor Vehicles Act in the states. The State Governments are being encouraged to revisit the speed limit restrictions in urban and semi-urban parts to provide seamless traffic movement, it said.

He also laid special emphasis on the benefits that are likely to accrue on full implementation of the reforms by the States/UTs, i.e. promoting seamless mobility across the country, greater safety for drivers and passengers and promotion of online services and ease of doing business. All such things were emphasized.

In favor of doing 140 kmph

Recently Nitin Gadkari had said that he is in favor of increasing the maximum speed limit on the expressway to 140 kmph. Gadkari said the speed limit on national highways should be at least 100 kmph on four-lane roads, while the respective speed limits for two-lane roads and city roads should be 80 kmph and 75 kmph.

Apart from this, the minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Transport Development Council also revealed that 24 states and union territories have started the New Bharat Series (BH-series) for vehicle registration.

In August last year, the government notified a new vehicle registration regime that would exempt vehicle owners from the re-registration process when they move from one state or union territory to another.