7th Pay Commission: 2 lakh will come in the account of central employees on this day, 18 months’ outstanding DA Arrear’s date confirmed!

7th Pay Commission latest news: The government is once again preparing to give good news for central employees and pensioners. Actually, the way for 18 months DA Arrear seems to be clear now. The date of talks with the government on this has also been confirmed. Let’s know the latest update.

Central employees and pensioners can get good news soon. Actually, once again a huge amount is going to come in the account of the employees. The government can soon decide on 18 Months DA Arrear. Let us tell you that this time talks are to be held on the arrears of dearness allowance of government employees stuck for 18 months and the time for talks with the cabinet secretary has also been fixed. Employees and pensioners have full hope from this time government.

Huge amount will come in the account of central employees

Actually, the central employees are continuously demanding about their 18 months DA arrears, but the government has not yet spoken about any idea on this. Actually, if the government agrees to this and if the central employees get the arrears of DA Arrear under the 7th Pay Commission, then there will be a huge reduction in the account of the employees. And this is the reason why the workers are constantly standing on their demand.

Know how much will be the payment?

Now let’s talk about how much money will come in the account of the employees? According to Shiv Gopal Mishra of National Council of JCM (Staff Side), different employees have different arrears. The DA arrears of Level-1 employees ranges from Rs 11,880 to Rs 37,554, while for Level-13 (7th CPC Basic Pay-Scale Rs 1,23,100 to Rs 2,15,900 or Level-14 (Pay-Scale) If the calculation is done then the DA arrears in the hands of an employee will be paid from Rs 1,44,200 to Rs 2,18,200.

Expectation on 18 months arrears

It is worth mentioning that after the Corona period, the central government had increased the dearness allowance by 11 percent outright from July 1, 2020, but during that period the arrears of dearness allowance have not yet been given to the employees. That is, the employees did not get their outstanding arrears. On this subject last year, it was told to the Finance Ministry that arrears will not be paid in lieu of freeze dearness allowance.

But, on the other hand, due to the demands of the organisations, the pressure on the government is continuously increasing. At present, the dearness allowance of central employees has increased from 34 per cent to 38 per cent. Now pensioners and employees have hope from the government that in view of rising inflation, the government can take a decision on this soon.