NPS New Pension Plan: Get a pension of Rs 35,000 by investing Rs 4000 a month, you will get one crore

NPS Calculator: Most of the people who work in the private sector do not have a huge amount after retirement so that they can think about their future life. In view of inflation, such people need to think from now and need to invest.

There are many schemes going on in the market regarding investment, some of them are Fixed Deposit, Public Provident Fund (PPF) and National Pension System (NPS). Talking about NPS, it is a voluntary retirement savings scheme, which encourages you to have planned savings. In this, you can keep your savings safe in the form of pension.

If you work in the private sector, you should consider investing as early as possible. Suppose you start investing Rs 4,000 every month in NPS at the age of 26 and continue investing till the age of 60, you will get more than Rs 35,000 as monthly pension. This is added by keeping the interest rate at 11 per cent.

About 2 crores back

If you start investing in this scheme from the age of 26, then your total investment will be Rs 16,32,000 when you reach the age of 60 years. At this point of time, your total corpus will be Rs.1,77,84,886. You will be surprised to know that you have invested only Rs.16,32,000 but you are getting back almost Rs.2 crores.

Your life will be happy after retirement

If you invest money in this scheme, then the lump sum return you will get will be Rs 1,06,70,932, while you will get around Rs 35,570 as monthly pension. So, you can see that not only will you be getting a pension of around Rs.35,000 per month starting at 61 years of your age, but you will also be getting a lump sum payment of more than Rs.1 crore. You will get so much money that your life will be happy after retirement.