Ayodhya Ram Mandir: Many new rules will be implemented in Ram Mandir from today, priests will be seen in dress code


Ayodhya: It has been almost 6 months since Lord Ram has been installed in Ayodhya. Lord Ram is worshipped in the Ram temple in the form of a child. Now 20 new priests will be deployed to serve Lord Ram.

Recently, training for priests was conducted in the Ramlala temple premises. From this, 20 qualified and best priests have been selected for worship in the Ram Janmabhoomi complex. These priests will now also worship the temples to be built in the Ram Mandir complex. The selected priests will cooperate with the priests already deployed in the Ram temple.

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Dress code will be implemented for priests.

Dress code will also be implemented for priests in the temple, the preparations for which are almost complete. Priests in Ram Mandir will wear Chaubandi safa and dhoti and along with this, Ram Mandir Trust will soon implement the dress code for other employees working in the Ram Mandir premises.

More than 500 people had filled the form to become priest.

Let us tell you that after Lord Rama’s enthronement, Ram Mandir Trust had issued a guideline for the appointment of priests. In which more than 500 priests of the country had submitted their forms to Ram Mandir Trust. After the interview, 20 priests were selected. Now the training of these priests went on for 6 months. Now the training is complete. Now the priests will serve Lord Ram in Ram temple along with the assistant priest, five priests with each assistant priest. Ram Mandir Trust will also implement a dress code for these priests and priests. Apart from the dress code, no priest will be able to take an Android phone inside the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Ram.

Ashok, assistant priest of Ram Mandir, said that 20 priests were undergoing 6 months of training. Now in the coming days, there will be assistant priests along with a chief priest and each assistant priest will have five priests. This rule will be implemented in Ram Mandir from July 1. Along with this, a dress code will also be implemented for the priests of Ramlala in which Chaubandi will wear dhoti and safa.

Priests and employees will have separate dress codes.

Ram Mandir Trust’s office in-charge Prakash Gupta said that after the training, the priests have become fully educated and trained to perform puja. All the trainee selected priests are being assigned duty with the priests in the Ram Mandir premises. Temples are also being built in the Ram Mandir compound, for which priests will be needed. In the coming days, these selected priests will be used there as well. Along with this, the dress code of the priests can be determined in the future. There should be a dress code so that the devotees and priests can be identified separately. Priests and employees at Ram Janmabhoomi will have separate dress codes so that they can be identified.


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