Big News ! Jobs in India 20 lakh employees to resign by 2025 – Why?


India’s IT sector has seen a growth of 15.5 percent in the last decade. The direct effect of growth has also been shown on the employment of new people. This is the reason why the IT sector has created an additional 5.5 lakh jobs in the financial year of 2022 alone.

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This information has been revealed in the Talent Exodus Report launched by HR firm Team Lease Digital. Indian IT Sector is a $227 billion industry. In this way the number of people working here is more than 50 lakhs. The IT sector is the largest employment generating sector in India.

According to estimates made by researchers, the IT industry has seen double digit growth with 23-25 ​​per cent growth in the full year of 2021. This year, a growth of 25.2 percent is expected here. This year the IT sector will see a growth of 25.2 percent. In such a situation, it has been predicted that the growth is going to continue in the coming times as well.

People leaving jobs for these three things

The survey also said that one of the biggest misconceptions in the job market is that higher salaries are the only way to improve performance and boost job satisfaction. However, you will get to see that the employee happily accepts the increased salary. But it is important for employers to know that money is not the only thing that employees of companies want the most in their jobs.

These reasons also became the reason for leaving the job

These days, employees are leaving companies with high salaries, considering their flexibility, career growth and their value. It has come out in the survey that 33 percent of the employees were such that they believed that the reason for leaving their company was that they were not able to understand their value there. In such a situation, companies need to understand the quality of their employees.

One of the reasons for large amounts of great talent leaving companies is that employees feel that they are not being given better benefits or facilities. 50 percent of the employees have given the reason behind leaving the job. At the same time, 25 percent of the employees said that career growth is one of the reasons, due to which they are leaving the job.

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