Does the grandson have any right on his grandfather’s property?


Property Rights: There are different rules for the rights on the property acquired and inherited by the grandfather. Know here..

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People often do not have the legal understanding and knowledge of the rules regarding rights and claims on property. It is very important to have correct information regarding the rules and rights related to property. All the parties involved have their own legal claims. One such aspect is related to the grandson’s rights on the grandfather’s property. In this article, we will tell what rights the grandson has on his grandfather’s property and which property he can legally claim –

No legal right on self acquired property

The grandson does not have legal rights over the grandfather’s self-acquired property. Grandfather can give his self-acquired property to any person he wants.

If the grandfather dies without making a will, then his property will go to his immediate or first priority legal heirs like wife, son and daughter, who will get legal rights over that property. If the grandson’s father is alive then he cannot claim any share in the grandfather’s property.

Rights on ancestral property

The grandson has a legal right on the ancestral property. In case of any dispute regarding this, he can go to the civil court. He is entitled to this property in the same way as his father or grandfather is entitled to the ancestral property inherited from his ancestors.

About ancestral property

The property which is inherited from one’s ancestors is called ancestral property. Like from great grandfather to grandfather, from grandfather to father and then from father to grandson. The rules regarding this property are different from self-acquired property.

It would be better to seek the help of a lawyer

If the grandson has a valid legal claim on the ancestral property, it would be better for him to take the help of a professional lawyer to get the property. With this, you will not only avoid getting trapped in complications related to land or property disputes, you will also be able to avoid the intricacies of the judicial process.

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