Top Business Idea: Start business with Rs 20,000, you will earn bumper income


Best Business Idea: Starting a business is like turning your imagination into reality. But it is seen that most of the founders struggle a lot between a good idea and adequate investment before starting the business.

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If you are planning to start a business then you should ensure that you are on the right path with adequate investment. Making a business a successful business requires many things like proper planning, investment and utmost determination. If you have determination but lack sufficient funds, then we are here to tell you the five best business ideas that you can start with Rs 20,000.

5 best business ideas under Rs 20,000

Handmade candle business

There is always a demand for candles. This is a great growing business idea for less than Rs 20,000. Candles are used for a variety of religious or decoration purposes. Their demand skyrockets during the festive season, even on normal days, the demand for medicinal and scented candles remains high in restaurants, homes and hotels. Therefore, this can be an ideal business idea to start with low investment.

Pickle business

Another good business idea with low investment is pickle business. Eating pickles during meals is quite popular in India, almost every household has at least one type of pickle. Thus, if you want to start a small business, pickle business is a safe and easy option. The demand for pickles remains high throughout the year in Indian markets. Any person can start this business very easily.

Content writing

In today’s time, content writing business is one of the most traded business options. In this a person earns money through his art of writing. A person with adequate skills can start a content writing business which does not require large capital. All you need is the right skills and adequate investment to start as a content writer and you can share your expertise with people who want your writing services for their business. You just need to understand how content works and how to create impactful content.

Baby care business

In this busy world where both parents work, a daycare business is a great business idea. All you need is a place where you will take care of their child. It also does not require a lot of capital to invest and with a modest amount of money, anyone can start a successful day care service center where people can leave their child in case of emergency.

Mobile repairing service

If you have the required skills and knowledge about mobile repairing service, you can start a mobile repairing service center. This is one of the best business options which does not require big investment, rather anyone can start this business with an investment of less than Rs 20,000. This business is very profitable because almost every adult has a smartphone, and almost everyone needs their phone repaired sometimes.

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