ITR Filing websites Charges: Check how much is being charged on ITR filing websites, see details


ITR Filing: The last date for filing income tax return is very close. All taxpayers have to file returns before 31st July. If you want to get your work done cheaply, then definitely read this news before filing ITR.

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Most people take the help of Chartered Accountant ie CA to file ITR. Taxpayers can also fill ITR with the help of third party online platform. But it charges. Let us know which website charges how much money.

EZTax has free self service ITR filing. If you take the help of an expert (less) then it will cost Rs 799. Rs 999 will be charged for the help of expert (medium) and Rs 2999 for the help of other experts.


For tax filing with assistance on Taxspanner, it will cost Rs 799, if you have foreign income, you will have to pay Rs 5999 and for file and save tax (with the help of CA), you will have to pay Rs 1499.

The charge for salaried employee on Tax2Win portal is Rs.249 to Rs.649. On the other hand, for the help of computerized CA, which includes income from salary, house property and other sources, then a charge of Rs 849 to Rs 1149 will have to be paid.

On TaxBuddy, you will have to pay Rs 799 for income from salary, house property and other sources. Rs 2399 will be charged in case of capital gain. Rs 3999 for future and option trading, Rs 5999 for cryptocurrency plan and Rs 5999 for filing ITR for foreign income.

The charges on Clear are Rs.1499 for Salary Class Basic, Rs.1999 for Salary Class Pro and Rs.3599 for Capital Gains.

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