LIC Policy: LIC’s great plan, you will get full 28 lakh rupees! Check quickly who will get the money?


LIC Jeevan Pragati Plan: Many types of benefits are given to the customers by LIC. If you want profit without risk, then LIC’s scheme can prove to be better for you. Today we will tell you about such a scheme, in which you will get full 28 lakh rupees from LIC. The name of this scheme is Jeevan Pragati Plan. Let us tell you how you will get 28 lakh rupees-

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Rs 200 will have to be deposited every day, in this policy, investors have to invest Rs 200 every day i.e. Rs 6000 in a month. If you invest money in it for 20 years, then you get the benefit of full 28 lakhs on maturity (LIC maturity). Apart from this, you will also get risk cover in this.

1. Regular premium has to be paid in Jeevan Pragati plan.
2. In this policy, you also get a life cover (Death Benefit) which increases every 5 years.
3. The term of this policy is minimum 12 years and maximum is 20 years.
4. The maximum investment age of this policy is 45 years.
5. There is no maximum investment limit in this.
6. This plan gives the benefit of non-linked, savings and protection.
7. In this you have to pay premium on yearly, quarterly and half yearly basis.

The nominee gets the money.

If the depositor dies during the policy, then the policy money will be given to his nominee. The most important thing about LIC Jeevan Pragati Plan is that the risk cover of the investors increases every 5 years. That is, the amount you get increases in 5 years.

Let us tell you that if you have deposited money in this policy for 3 years and you want to surrender it later, then the policyholder gets the surrender value back.

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