PAN Rules For 2000 Notes: How many 2000 rupee notes will have to be deposited in the bank, PAN will have to be given

RBI Governor has been asked that if someone goes to deposit Rs 2000 note in the bank, will they have to give PAN card.

On this, he said that there is no need for any kind of document on deposits and exchanges up to Rs 20,000. But it is mandatory to give PAN card on deposit of 50 thousand rupees as before.

RBI Governor said-

Rs 2,000 notes will remain legal tender for the time being. RBI is ready to remove every concern of the customers. Old rules of deposit and exchange will apply.

For which transactions PAN and Aadhaar are necessary? PAN-Aadhaar is necessary for depositing cash up to Rs 50,000 or more in one or more accounts in a financial year in any bank, corporate bank or post office.

(RBI has sent new rules related to exchange and deposit of your 2000 rupee note to the banks. You should also know)

It is also necessary for cash withdrawal of Rs 20 lakh from one or more accounts in a banking company or co-operative bank or post office in a financial year.

It will be mandatory to give PAN-Aadhaar on opening a current account or cash credit account in a banking company, co-operative bank or post office. (After all RBI governor said – that the life cycle of Rs 2000 note is complete)