Passport Service: If you want a passport quickly then come to this city of UP, how to apply


Passport Service: 40 passports are made daily at the passport center located at Hathras Junction in UP. After the establishment of the Passport Center in 2019, till date more than 20 thousand people have got their passports made from here.

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Hathras Junction passport scanning facility has also been started from October. In four years, about 20 thousand people have got passports made from the passport center located at Hathras Junction. People from Sonipat, Noida and Aligarh are reaching the passport center of Hathras. In the year 2023, 5000 people have obtained passports from here.

People heading towards the junction are also due to delay in getting slots at other passport centres. For this reason, applicants from these districts are turning to Hathras Junction Centre. 40 passports are being made from here every day. Among those getting passports made, some are preparing to go abroad for work, while some are coming here for renewal.

The center was opened in 2014

Earlier, to get a passport made, people had to travel distance to Ghaziabad and Aligarh. In the year 2019, due to the efforts of MP Rajesh Diwakar, a passport center was built here. In four years, 20 thousand people have got passports made from the passport center near Hathras Junction railway station.

Apply like this, passport will be made like this

Apply online for passport by reaching the public convenience center. After that, reach the passport center at Hathras Junction on the date you get. Bring the original copy of Aadhar Card, PAN Card, High School Marksheet, the verification process will be completed. According to officials, it takes about 20 days to make a passport.

Forty passports are verified in a day

Hathras Junction Centre, Passport Officer, Rajesh Sengar said that till now 20 thousand people have got passports made from here. This year five thousand people have got passports made. This is a rural area. Here the slots are available a month in advance, hence people from many districts including Agra, Aligarh, Khair and Sonipat are coming to get their passports made. The process of making passports of 40 people is being completed in a day.

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