Pension Scheme: Big news for central employees! Now these employees will not get pension


Pension Scheme: A big blow to the government employees. According to the information that came from the government recently, it is being said that government employees will no longer get pension.

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The calculation of qualifying services for pension benefits in Uttarakhand is going to be decided on these things by the government employees. New rules have been made by the Uttarakhand government regarding the pension of government employees. Under the new rule, the pension of many government employees may be cut.

The calculation of qualifying service for pensionary benefit will be from the date of substantive appointment of the employee. Services done on ad-hoc, contract, outsourced, daily basis in the past will not be added to it. This system is going to get the form of law soon through GO.

This system will also apply to the previous orders after the implementation of the Uttarakhand Pension Qualifying Service and Validation Bill-2022, passed by the government regarding pension.

The Raj Bhavan is examining this bill passed in the Gairsain budget session. Raj Bhavan has also asked for some old GOs regarding the bill from the Finance Department. The bill is expected to be passed soon. Currently around 1500 employees may be affected by this.

This is why the government brought the bill: In recent years, in some departments including PWD, Irrigation, Drinking Water, temporary to permanent employees had demanded the benefit of pension on the basis of past services. At least 10 years of regular service is mandatory for the benefit of pension.

But the personnel with three to four years of permanent service demanded addition of their earlier ten to fifteen years of temporary service for pension. The decisions in the court cases in these cases came in favor of the employees. After this this series started. Seeing the increase in the pension burden of the personnel, on November 14 last year, in the cabinet meeting, it was decided to enact a law to fix the pension standards.

This bill has been passed in the assembly session. After the approval of the Raj Bhavan, its notification will be issued. This law will also apply to earlier orders.

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