Senior Citizen Pension Card: Good news for the elderly and handicapped! No tension will have to be taken for pension, every difficulty will be easy with this card


Senior Citizen Pension Card: Pension for the elderly comes as a much-needed relief, which they are always waiting for, so that they can buy the things they need from them. The government should always ensure that the elderly have easy access to their pension.

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In such a situation, Delhi’s Social Welfare Minister Rajendra Gautam said that the Delhi government will soon issue a pension card, so that the pension distribution process can be made easier for the elderly and disabled people.

Easy pension to the elderly

Gautam directed the officers to expedite the pension distribution process. He said, “Elderly and differently abled people eagerly wait for the pension given by the government every month. It is our duty to ensure that they are given pension on time so that they can easily purchase essential commodities.”

Gautam said, “The Delhi government will soon issue pension cards to the elderly and disabled. We are preparing the blueprint for it. The new system will ease the process of disbursement of pension.”

4 lakh elderly get pension In Delhi, more than 4.52 lakh elderly people get a pension of Rs 2,500 per month. Along with this, the government also gives monthly pension to 1.14 lakh persons with disabilities. They also get a pension of Rs 2,500 per month by the government.

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