Weather Update Today: Big news! IMD has issued heavy rain warning in 5 districts of this state

The weather is going to turn in Bihar from Thursday. The Meteorological Department has issued an alert for light rain in most districts of South Bihar and hailstorm at some places. There is a possibility of cloudy weather in these areas for the next 48 hours.

Agricultural scientists have advised farmers to avoid harvesting crops for now. Due to the formation of rain and hail clouds, there will be relief from untimely increased heat in the state in the next two-three days.

The Meteorological Department has issued a warning of hailstorm at some places in Bhagalpur, Banka, Jamui, Munger and Khagaria. here is a yellow alert for these five districts on Thursday, while an orange alert has been issued for Friday. That is, its intensity and effect are expected to increase on Friday. According to meteorologists, its effect will be more visible in 13 districts. However, a drop in temperature will be observed across the state.

The movement of partly cloudy and thundering conditions will continue in Patna. Due to the effects of Western Disturbance, conditions of hail and thunder have been created in the atmosphere. Along with this, two trough lines are passing through the state. This is expected to change the atmospheric conditions.

Manjar and Tikole will fall, the concern of mango and litchi plantation owners has also increased. Tikole has started. Tikole and Manjar can fall when it rains with strong thunderstorms. This will harm the planters. There have been fewer scenes in Litchi than before.

Hail fell in Aurangabad

Hail accompanied by rain occurred at various places in Aurangabad district on Wednesday. Due to this the crop has been damaged. Due to rain and hailstorm in Sone Coastal region and border areas of Jharkhand, farmers’ crops have suffered heavy losses.

Advice to the farmers

● Do not harvest the crops when there is a possibility of rain and hailstorm
● If harvesting is done, do not leave wheat, mustard, lentils in the field
● Keep wheat, mustard in the shed after harvesting
● Irrigation now Avoid, otherwise the crop may fall
● Do not spray any kind on the crop now.